The Best Hearing Aids In Australia 2019

The best hearing aids in Australia in 2019

There are dozens of hearing aid brands and hundreds of devices to choose from in Australia, many packed with features and technology that you may be unfamiliar with.

While this variety means that you’ve got a great chance of finding a hearing aid that meets your requirements, the variety of devices on offer can make selecting the right device a challenge.

Before looking at the best hearing aids on the market, it’s therefore helpful to understand what makes a hearing aid great.

The factors that make for a great hearing aid are:

  • The ability of the hearing aid to compensate for your type of hearing loss and provide the highest level of clarity in conversation with the least strain on your part.
  • A hearing experience that doesn’t just amplify sounds, but also offers a natural sound environment with natural sound location.
  • The design and comfort levels offered by the hearing aid.
  • Affordability – you’re looking for the highest quality, most durable hearing aid at a reasonable price.
  • Technological advancement. Technologies like Bluetooth and wireless recharging add new dimensions for functionality and convenience to your hearing experience.
  • Lifestyle compatibility, because you want a hearing aid that supports your lifestyle and doesn’t get in the its way.
  • A brand you can trust, that will ensure that you go through the correct testing and fitting procedures to ensure that your hearing aid gives you the best possible results.

While a great hearing aid will combine all the above features, every individual looking for a hearing aid has unique hearing, comfort and functionality requirements.

That’s why it is important to have your hearing tested by a qualified professional before purchasing any of the hearing aids on the Australian market.

This will ensure that whichever hearing aid you purchase provides you with a customized solution to your personal hearing requirements.

Our 10 best rated hearing aids in Australia

We consider a great hearing aid to be one that considers all the factors we’ve already identified. It should provide great sound, comfort, advanced technology, durability – and at a reasonable price.
Here’s our pick of the 10 best hearing aids on the Australian market that meet these requirements:

#1 The Oticon Opn S

The Oticon Opn S is at the cutting edge of hearing age technology, offering solutions to many of the problems commonly experienced by hearing aid wearers.

Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid

The Opn S features BrainHearing™ technology that emulates the way your brain processes sound, scanning your environment for sound 100 times a second in a 360 degree range.

This results in significant improvements in speech understanding, particularly in noisy environments, which also reduces the strain you experience while trying to listen to conversation.

Here are some other great features:

  • Besides being one of the best hearing aids for noisy environments, the Opn S offers advance feedback elimination.
  • Smart connection. You can link your hearing aids to your iPhone or Android device and use the IFTTT (if This Then That) App to control your hearing aid and connect directly with other Bluetooth Devices.
  • A battery charge that last an entire day. You can then recharge your hearing aids overnight wirelessly using a recharging dock.

#2 Sonic Enchant

Sonic’s Enchant range of hearing aids are built with versatility and customisation in mind, with a variety of in-ear and over-ear devices.

Sonic Enchant Hearing Aid

Other customization options include variations in battery size, fitting level, NFMI and/or 2.4 GHz wireless communication along with push-button or wheel volume controls.

The Sonic Enchant range doesn’t just fit your comfort requirements. Built on the revolutionary SoundDNA platform, the Sonic Enchant also enhances clarity while reducing noise.

The Sonic Enchant’s features include:

  • SmartMusic, which enhances the dynamic range and amplification of music for both performers and audiences.
  • Frequency Transfer, which is designed to help individuals with significant high-frequency hearing loss access and hear speech better.
  • An IP68 rating, which extends each device’s lifespan and improves performance with exceptional protection from dust and moisture.

#3 Oticon Siya

Price is an important factor when it comes to choosing a hearing aid, and the Siya is designed to give you the premium quality associated with the Oticon brand at a great price.

Oticon Siya Hearing Aid

This doesn’t mean that you lose out on technology or features. The Oticon Siya can process sound 50 times faster than the previous generation of hearing aids.

The Siya is also able to reduce noise between words, making it easier to hear and understand speech in noisy environments.

Other things you can expect from the Oticon Siya include:

  • A variety of device configurations, ranging from in-ear to over-ear devices, all offering comfort and durability.
  • Low energy Bluetooth streaming at 2.4Ghz giving you direct access to high quality sound on compatible Bluetooth devices.
  • Oticon App compatibility, allowing you to regulate volume or change the program on your hearing aid from your phone.

#4 Phonak Audeo Marvel R

The Phonak Audeo Marvel R is more than just a hearing aid – it’s a cutting edge smart device which connects the user seamlessly to the digital universe.

Phonak Audeo Marvel R Hearing Aid

This means that the Phonak Audeo Marvel R not only assists in making speech much clearer and easier to understand, but also delivers crystal clear stereo sound via wireless connections.

Available in a range of colours and receiver configurations, the Audeo Marvel R is designed to help users with mild to profound hearing loss rediscover the joys of music and conversation.

Other features include:

  • Great apps, including the myCall-to-Text app, which transcribes phone conversations to text in real time and the Remote app which allows you to control your hearing aid from a phone.
  • Remote support, which allows your hearing aid professional to remotely improve and customize your hearing experience.
  • A rechargeable battery option, which offers you a full day of hearing without any of the inconvenience that comes with having to replace disposable batteries.

#5 Styletto Connect

The Styletto Connect makes our list of the best hearing aids in Australia because of its unique blend of stylish design, premium features and advanced voice transmission technology.

Styletto Connect Hearing Aid

If you suffer from moderate hearing loss and feel self conscious about wearing a hearing aid, the Styletto Connect was built with you in mind, delivering both elegance and comfort.

It also features the latest generation of hearing aid technology, including rechargeable batteries, a remote control function and wireless connectivity.

The Styletto Connect also features:

  • Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology, which provides true fidelity when processing your own voice in conversation.
  • Advanced speech quality technology which makes hearing and understanding speech in noisy environments effortless.
  • A pocket-size portable charging case which will allow you to operate your hearing aid for four days without having to plug in for a recharge.

#6 Sonic Cheer

High quality hearing aids should not be out of reach if you’re shopping for hearing aids on a budget. That’s where the Sonic Cheer earns its reputation for being one of the best low cost hearing aids.

Sonic Cheer Hearing Aid

While it’s one of the most affordable hearing aids on this list, the Sonic Cheer uses the same 4S Foundation as other Sonic products, delivering natural sound and background noise control.

This is in addition to all the tech you’d expect to find in the latest generation of hearing aids, with a variety of smart connectivity options built into every device.

With the Sonic Cheer you can look forward to:

  • Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity to other smart devices, allowing you to stream music or sound in stereo without having to deal with background noise.
  • An emphasis on noise reduction in all environments to make speech more intelligible and reduce strain while listening to conversation.
  • Feedback cancellation which makes the annoying tinnitus effect of earlier generations of hearing aids a thing of the past.

#7 Oticon Nera 2

Oticon gets another spot in our top ten list of the best hearing aids in Australia with the Nera 2. This hearing aid offers plenty of cutting edge hearing technology without breaking the bank.

Oticon Nera 2 Hearing Aid

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Oticon Nera 2 is simply a scaled back version of premium Oticon devices.

The Nera is one of the most compact and discrete hearing aids on the market.

Sound quality is also outstanding, with several Oticon’s most advanced hearing technologies packed into the device, with an emphasis on delivering improved speech understanding.

The Oticon Nera 2 offers:

  • YouMatic technology which customizes the listening experience to your unique requirements and preferences.
  • Soft Speech booster which adjusts sound signals from soft speech and can be adapted to your individual needs.
  • Spatial Sound Advance which assists you in using the signals from your hearing aids to organize the environment around you, providing a natural 360 degree soundscape.

#8 ReSound UpSmart

The ReSound UpSmart is designed with the younger wearer in mind, with a selection of bold colours and devices designed to accommodate your child’s active lifestyle.

Resound Upsmart Hearing Aid

These hearing aids are designed to provide high quality hearing experiences to children with mild to profound hearing loss.

They also offer parent-friendly features like the Multi Mic. This feature allows you to easily communicate with your child in noisy environments from up to 25 meters away.

The UpSmart’s other features include:

  • Audiology, a sound processing strategy designed to take advantage of the way children process sounds and develop language skills.
  • Wireless connectivity to Apple and compatible ReSound accessories, transforming the UpSmart into a stereo headset that can be used in conjunction with language learning tools.
  • Child-friendly enhancements. The UpSmart features a battery-door lock, an LED light which allows parents to easily monitor the status of a hearing aid, and a robust design.

#9 The Unitron Insera

The Unitron Insera is an in-ear hearing aid designed to adapt to each individual’s unique physiology, optimizing performance to the shape and configuration of your ear canal.

Unitron Insera Hearing Aid

This is the hearing aid to choose if you don’t want your hearing aid doubling as a wireless receiver, and prefer a more compact design, better fit and longer batter life.

The Insera hearing aid is available in several different in-ear configurations, ranging from full shell to ICC.

You can also match the hearing aid colour to your skin tone for a more discrete fit.

The Unitron Insera also gives you:

  • SoundCore technology which combines four intelligent technologies to dynamically adjust hearing aid performance for the best hearing in any environment.
  • EarMatch, a custom modelling process that performs a complex analysis of the ear to match it to the best possible device calibration for your hearing requirements.
  • Better battery capacity than most hearing aids on the market, with up to 20% longer battery life.

#10 The Oticon Alta

The Oticon Alta is a premium hearing aid which combines an elegant design with the latest hearing technologies developed by Oticon.

Oticon Alta Hearing Aid

Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, the Oticon Alta also offers configurations for various levels of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

This hearing aid is also designed to last, with a nano-coated shell which offers protection against dirt and moisture.

Additional features include:

  • Speech Guard E technology, which preserves natural speech cues and improves your ability to follow and understand conversations.
  • Spatial Sound, which allows you to locate the source of sounds in your environment, providing a realistic listening environment.
  • YouMatic™ technology which customizes the sound experience to match your specific preferences and needs.

While the hearing aids in our top 10 list are some of the best hearing aids in Australia, it is important to note that hearing aid brand and model are less important than how the hearing aid is programmed. In order to deliver optimal performance, hearing aids should be prescribed by hearing care professionals and programmed to meet your unique hearing requirements.

Hearing Aid FAQs

Which hearing aid brand is best?

If overall hearing quality is used as a benchmark, brands which pioneer advancements in sound quality, the following brands are recognized as industry leaders:

  • Oticon
  • Unitron
  • Phonak

However, bear in mind that different brands may focus on different user requirements and hearing problems. The best hearing aid brand for you will balance the recommendations of your hearing professional with your personal design, price, comfort and technological advancement requirements.

What are the best hearing aids for watching TV?

If you’re looking for the best hearing aid for watching TV, several manufacturers, including Oticon and Sonic, offer hearing aids that can connect wirelessly with streaming accessories that connect directly to television set or amplifier audio outputs.

What is the best hearing aid technology?

The best hearing aid technology provides the most accurate and natural hearing experience for hearing impaired individuals who regularly find themselves in challenging sound environments, like noisy rooms.

In most cases hearing aid technology comes in four tiers ranked from entry-level to premium, with technological advancement reflected by the hearing aid’s price range. However, some hearing aid manufacturers build their most advanced sound technologies into lower priced tiers.

An example of a hearing aid manufacturer which builds premium aid technology into a broad range of modes is Sonic. Their advanced 4S technological platform is built into entry level hearing aids like the Sonic Cheer.

What is the best brand of hearing aid?

Several hearing aid brands are available in Australia. Many of these brands have specific focus areas, ranging from design and aesthetics to wireless connectivity.

It’s therefore not possible to identify one brand as ‘the best’. The best brand is the one whose focus area matches your unique hearing requirements and preferences.

More importantly, hearing aid brand is not as important as how a hearing aid is programmed. A badly programmed premium hearing aid can deliver inferior performance to a professionally programmed entry level device.

It is therefore essential to visit a registered hearing care provider when considering buying a new hearing aid. They will not only ensure your hearing is properly assessed but will also be able to program your hearing aid to provide the best possible hearing experience.