In the Ear Hearing Aid

In the Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)

Hearing loss is usually diagnosed as being any problem with the hearing pathway, whether in the outer, middle or inner ear. Loss of hearing can also stem from the disturbance of the auditory nerve pathway to the brain. Hearing loss can occur from birth, but it is more common that the loss of hearing can occur through the life span of a person. Loss of hearing can occur through several causes, with the most common occurring through constant exposure to loud noises or through age. Hearing loss is a fact of life, one that impacts the lives of many millions of people within Australia and around the world.

On average it takes people with hearing loss between five to seven years before they would seek any sort of hearing solution. During this period, people subject themselves to possible feelings of anxiety or even depression suffering immense frustration at having the inability to hear people and sounds around them.

Whilst there have been many excuses offered as to why people delay seeking help for their hearing loss, one common factor is that they feel that hearing aids are often a sign of aging or weakness. It is quite unfortunate to know that one’s sense of vanity can often stand in the way of their ability to hear or hear better.

What are In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids?

The In the Ear (ITE) hearing aid is a type of hearing aid that is small and discreet. They are shaped like an ear tip and sit in the outer portion of the ear canal. They are discreet (depending on the size of the wearer’s ear canal) and can offer the wearer complete discretion.

The In the Ear (ITE) hearing aid allows the shell of the hearing aid to be custom fitted to the wearer’s ear canal. This shell houses all the vital components and electronics to allow for the wearer to hear. The discreet earpiece allows for the wearer to be completely mobile and is great for people who are often “on-the-go”, requiring their hearing aid to remain in place. The ITE hearing aid is suitable for most types of hearing losses.

What are Completely In Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids?

These types of hearing aids offer even more discretion than the In the Ear (ITE) hearing aid. The CIC hearing aid fits completely within the ear canal, making it almost invisible to others. The CIC hearing aid is suitable for those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss and are looking for a small and more discreet hearing solution.

The CIC hearing aid is the smallest available hearing solution available. These models uses the ear’s natural shape to localise sounds. It is custom made to fit deep within your ear canal, making it a virtually invisible type of hearing aid. They are also automatic functioning, allowing the wearer to hear clearer with minimum fuss or manipulation of their hearing aid/device.

What are the benefits of the In The Ear (ITE) hearing aid?

As the ITE hearing aid acts like a plug inside the ear canal, it can be customised to allow the wearer more comfort and discretion. Some ITE’s have an antenna-like tab that allows the wearer to easily remove them after wear. The ITE hearing aids come in a variety of different designs and fit, allowing the wearer to choose their type of style, fit and performance.

The ITE hearing aid can be controlled via the use of a remote control, allowing the wearer to adjust their required volume and program selection. Each ITE hearing aid is adapted to the individual ear, allowing for better comfort and hearing quality.

Other advantages include:

  • Being discreet, allowing the wearer to maintain their sense of vanity and self-esteem;
  • Allows people who wear glasses a better hearing aid option as its wont impact their ability to see;
  • Allows for better comfort and movement, particularly for people who are constantly “on-the-go” or active;
  • Uses the properties of the auricle and enables a more natural sound to be heard.

The In the Ear Hearing Aid is suitable for most types of hearing losses, particularly for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. It is highly recommended for those who seek to have complete discretion with their hearing aid. Book yourself an appointment today to be tested and fitted for your chosen style of In the Ear hearing aid.