Free Hearing Aid Trial

Free Hearing Aid Trial

Having access to a cutting edge hearing aid can be life changing.

Sounds become richer, conversation becomes easier and your connection with the world around you is revitalised.

However, it can be hard to believe how much of a difference an advanced hearing aid can make to your life until you have tested one for yourself.

That’s where our hearing aid trial comes into the picture. Hearing Solvers allows you to hear the difference for yourself with a seven day trial of some of the best hearing aids in Australia at no cost.

And that’s not all. As part of our hearing aid trial procedure we’ll also give you a free hearing check at one of our participating clinics.

*Please note that the free hearing check offer is only available to adults aged 26 years and over.

Hearing aid risk free trial FAQ

Is a hearing test compulsory?

Yes, a test by a qualified clinician is required to determine the cause and extent of your hearing loss, and this will assist them in prescribing the best hearing aid for your condition. During your hearing aid trial consultation they will also provide you with a hearing aid fitting if required. This will ensure optimal comfort when using your hearing aid.

What kind/model of hearing device will I get for my trial?

The type of hearing aid you are allocated for your free trial will be determined by our qualified clinicians during your hearing check. You’ll receive the device likely to give you the greatest improvement in your hearing, with customizations for comfort, colour and ear placement where relevant.

How long is the free hearing aid trial?

The hearing aid trial period is seven days only. During this period your hearing aid will remain the property of the provider and cannot be transferred, re-assigned or sold.

What happens if the hearing aid is damaged or lost?

Care must be taken to maintain the hearing aid in good condition during the trial. If the hearing aid is not returned, or is lost or damaged, you may be charged up to 100% of the value of the device, as stated in your trial agreement.

Do I get moulds and speakers with the hearing aid?

Yes, moulds and speakers are provided with the hearing aid at no extra cost.